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Friends in Japan

Who can we make my friend with in Japan? It's sure about the fact that we can also make a lot of international friends included Japanese. On this page, I would like to write about the friends who are Japanese friends, International friends and new friends who come from your country.

Japanese Friends
Japanese friends would be the key of your success that you love Japan or not. And your Japanese friend would tell some information about Japan and help your Japanese daily life. There are some difference between having any Japanese friends and not.
International Friends
You can make a lot of international friends while staying in Japan. They would make a lot of chances to understand each culture and to have international party.
Friends who Come From Your Country
I think that you would meet the people who came from your country while staying in Japan. So this page is written about such friends from your country.
Friend who have Different Background from You
We can meet some unique friend who has special skill or knowledge when we stay in other country. So this page shows such friends who have their different background.