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First Housing in Japan

In my opinion, it's better to find your first housing in you country before visit Japan. Actually, you can find you accommodation after coming Japan, but deciding before visit abroad makes sure where you will stay and it would give an untroubled living conditions at beginning.

For example in case about hotel, we can guess that nobody can speak English in the hotel, or the hotel doesn't have any available rooms. At that time it's very difficult to stay the hotel. Therefore, it's safer to book your room on Internet before visit.

Then I think there are below cases to decide your housing before visit Japan.

  • Japanese Homestay.
  • Company housing.
  • Student dormitory.
  • Staying in some temporary hotels before finding your apartment.

Anyway, don't contract a long-term stay before visit Japan.

For example, if you don't like your meals of your host family, or your room of student dormitory is very dirty, your long-term contract would be a problem.

Japanese Homestay.

At Japanese Homestay, you can spend your great time with Japanese, so it's the opportunities to try some real Japanese foods, to live with Japanese and to study Japanese language in best environment, so there are a lot of merits. On the other hands, sometime the price of Homestay is cheaper than the price of renting house. Because. Some of Japanese Homestay family accepts few students for noncommercial use with volunteer spirit. By the reason I recommend you to consider trying Homestay in Japan, especially for working holiday visa holder.

You can search Japanese Homestay information from below website.

Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center
It's the official website. We can stay with Japanese volunteers in Nagoya City or in the suburbs of Nagoya City.
Homestay Web
It's official website. We can search our host family from all over Japan.

Please refer to below website when you want to understand some manners about Japanese Homestay.

At Home in Japan
We can check out the general roles of our home stay in Japan. it’s better to look over to enjoy our daily life in our home staying.

Company housing.

If you plan to work in Japan, your company will help you to find your apartment. In this case, you can use the help to make it's easy. Especially, if your company has some own housing facilities that we call them Shataku, the time the price of apartment would be discounted by housing subsidies (or just free if you are lackey). In additionally, some your coworkers live in same apartment with you usually, so they would help you and give some advices to live in the area.

So, please ask your company stuff when you try your interview.

Student dormitory.

If you plan to study in Japanese school, your school will provide your apartment or introduce you to find your apartment. At that time, there are two kinds of apartments. One is a students dormitory that Japanese call it Gakuseiryo, second is a Homestay.

About student's dormitory(Gakuseiryo), the school owns some apartments for students in outside of the site, or they have some facilities in the site. The condition depends on the schools, so please ask your charge of the school about that.

About Homestay, please refer to above.

Finally, some schools provide a service that stuffs of the school pick you up at the airport or station sometimes. If you worry about transportation, it's a one of the way to move.

Staying in some temporary hotels before finding your apartment.

If you plan to stay in Japanese apartment after visit Japan, the time you would stay in some temporary hotels before finding your apartment. Maybe you would stay a no-frills hotel (Japanese call it Business hotel) or youth hostel, so I wrote some URL to search the information about Japanese hotel information. If you can book the hotel around 5000 yen, you are a lucky.

Refer to below website.

Japan Youth Hostels, Inc.
It's an official website. We can search some youth hostels in Japan.
Hostel world.com
It's an official website. We can search hotels in the world and it also contains some hotels in Japan.