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Alien Registration in Japan

All non-Japanese nationals are obligated to register as an alien under "The Alien Registration Law" if they plan to stay over 90 days in Japan.

The time you should the municipal office in your area to register within 90 days of arrival in Japan. At that time, you need the below items.

  • The official application for alien registration form
  • Passport
  • Two 4.5cm by 3.5cm photographs

After issued your Alien Registration Card, you must to carry your Alien Registration Card with you at all times. And if any policemen request to check your Alien Registration Card, you are obligated to show it.

It's easy to loss your card during carrying your card with you, so I recommend you to write down your register number on the paper.

When you change some information on you Alien Registration Card such as your address, your residency status, your term of stay, your name and so on, you must make a notification of the changes in your registered information within 14 days of the change at the municipal office in your area of residency.

And in principle, you are required a confirmation of registration of your Alien Registration Card once every five years.