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Custom of Foods in Japan

What kind of foods is popular in Japan? At this chapter, I want to write something for Japanese custom of Foods. If you're planning to stay in a home stay in Japan, I think you would eat same food as information of this page.

At first, I wrote the below list about Japanese features of customs of foods.

So I want describe the detailed account of the above list.

The nutritionally balanced meal

I Sometimes thought that Japanese food is so healthy when I lived in Canada. Usually Japanese eat many vegetables, fish, meat and fish and carbohydrate well balance. However, it depends on the family sometimes. And general Japanese can keep their health except supplementing any nutrition.

And they don't eat frozen foods commonly, and they usually eat their handmade meal. If they eat any frozen foods, their mother would be so busy and she doesn't have enough time to cook their lunch. It also depends on the family.

On the other hands, Japanese custom about their food is changing to Western style and it lets Japanese eat meat and some oily foods.

Eating some raw foods.

Japanese foods have a lot of ways to eat some raw foods if I compare to other country's food. They eat raw fishes, vegetables, eggs and meat, but it isn't popular to eat raw meat. If it's difficult to eat some raw food in your country, I think that it would be interesting experiences for you even if you feel grotesque at beginning. So, please try a lot of raw foods in Japan.

Eating some other country's foods.

When I stayed in Canada, I thought that Japanese eat a lot of other country's foods comparing to other country's visitors. I think that the reason is Japanese cooking skill.

Japanese can cook other several country's foods, which are Weston food called Yo-shoku, Japanese food called Wa-shoku, Chinese food called Chuka, and usually eat them. So Japanese mother can cook some other country's foods, you can ask your host mother if you are planning to stay their house.

On the other hands, South American, African, Middle Easton and Asian foods aren't popular in Japan. If you can cook the above foods for your Japanese friends or Japanese host family, it would make them feel so happy.

Dinner is the main meal.

Their dinner is the biggest meal at Japanese custom, and breakfast is the smallest meal. Some of Japanese don't eat any their breakfast, so you might guess their custom by the fact.

The rice is Japanese staple food.

Japanese staple food is the rice. Japanese sometimes eat some bread for breakfast and lunch, but their dinner would be rice. Japanese rice is bit difference from other country's one, because the rice is slightly sticky and has special scent. So some of the international people would be felt strange at beginning by the features.

And Japanese usually eat rice with some dishes cooked with salty taste, Japanese control the taste to be their favorite by the salty dishes. I think that it's same as that North American people control the taste of their sandwiches by the size of bread and the amount of sauce and inside. So Japanese control the taste by the ratio of rice and side dishes.