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Kinds of Houses in Japan

What kings of house are there in Japan? Some of you would guess that Japanese houses are so small.

Actually a lot of people live in their small apartments in the cities in Japan, because it's so difficult to have a house in the large cities. And we can find some houses, which are usually small and don't have any big gardens, in the suburbs, and they aren't enough size to live in with comfortable. On the other hands, when we visit to some countries, we would find some big houses with huge gardens.

So I would like to introduce Japanese house in country, apartment house in the cities and the one-room apartment to you.

Ikko-Date (House)

Ikko-Date is a house, which isn't an apartment. The general houses have a gate, a wall, a garden and some parking spaces in country area. Some of the mansions have a big house call Omo-Ya, which is a big house to live in, and small house called Hanare, which is smaller than Omo-Ya.

Inu-Goya (Doghouse)

コテージ犬小屋・ドア無し CGR-1080 If a family has their dogs, they would usually have some Inu-Goya, which are small house for their dogs, at their garden. But, recently Japanese start to indulge their dogs and cats, so they keep their dogs in their house even if the dogs are so big. And it is going to be common in Japan.


It's very general things to live in their apartments in Japan, especially in cities. Do you know that the word "mansion" means a luxury apartment or a condominium in Japan? So if your Japanese friends say "Mansion", the meaning of the word would be difference.

Anyway, the manure is so important to live in Japanese apartment, I would like to list them below.

  • We need to keep the rule of rubbish. (ex. place, the way to throw garbage away, and days of week)
  • Keep the volume of TV and radio quiet.
  • Don't make a nose on the passageway.

One-Room Apartment

Japanese apartments have one of the type called One-room that have bit unique structure. It usually has a room, which use as a living room and a bedroom, and passageway with kitchen and modular bath. So we can live in the room with the minimum level to live. I also lived in the one-room apartment, and the room was so small and I couldn't buy a bed and I used to sleep with a set of Futon. Of course, we can sleep with our bed and it depends on our effort.