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Merit to Stay in Japan

I'd like to write some below points of merits to live in Japan. If you have any interest in the points, please check the information.

The merit to visit Japan

Can you find any good reason to visit Japan? I'd like to add some comments to each points in below. So, please check them.

Japan has a small land, so it's very easy to travel anywhere in Japan

Japan doesn't have a huge land, and Japan area is the 60th in size the world. But, there are a lot of tourist attractions, theme parks and spas in the small land. In other words, Japan is a convenient country to travel everywhere easily.

Travel in Japan
Where are the famous places for traveling around in Japan? This page shows some kinds of tourist attractions and some tourist resorts. So please check out these pages before your travel.

You can enjoy Japanese unique cities and towns

Japan has a lot of unique cities and towns, some of them are Nara and Kyoto are ancient capitals, Tokyo is a Japanese capital, Akihabara is a electronics quarter, Yokohama and Kobe are port towns, Hakone and Beppu are spa towns, Yokohama is the biggest China town in Japan. These unique cities and towns are in small land, I think that Japan is very good country for some trips.

There are a lot of Japanese traditional cultures

Japan has a long history that is over 2000 years, and you can guess it by Japanese reigning emperor who is the 125th emperor. So, I hope that you enjoy and experience Japanese cultures and life during your stay in Japan. The time, you can select several ways that is not only trip. For example, if you enjoy cooking any Japanese food in Japanese culture lesson, you would have great time at any parties in your country with your friends by several Japanese foods cooked by you.

In additionally, there are 13 UNESCO World Heritages, 10 cultural World Heritages and three Natural World Heritages in Japan, now. Your visit the World Heritages would be great experiences.

Japanese Culture
Japan hadn't haven a lot of chances of cultural exchange with other countries from 1100 years ago to 150 years ago, and it would depend on the fact that Japan is a seagirt country. And it would be one of the reasons that Japan is unique country in not only religion and food but also a lot of respects. This page shows some features of Japanese cultures.

High Educational Standards

The attraction of studying in Japan is you would study the state of the art knowledge and technology in the world. And the fields at Japanese university are the medical, the electronics, and the science of economics department. Especially in private Japanese university and college, you can study in the great environment that has the library, and enough research computers and equipments.

Study Abroad in Japan
This page shows some information for students from Japanese Educational System before going to study in Japan to some point to select a school. So the information would be helpful before studying in Japan, and we can also refer them when we proceed to the next stage of education.

Marine sports and Winter sports

Japanese archipelago is long north and south archipelago with a lot of mountains. Actually, you can go some plateau areas to enjoy some winter sports in winter, on the other hand, you can play some marine sports on the beach in summer. Absolutely, you can try diving in the south islands such as Okinawa.

High Wage Job

Japanese wage is relative high wage, but the wage depends on your country and the rate of exchange. For the reason, there are a lot of people who come from South America or Asia areas to work in Japan. When you're job-hunting, it's easy to get some jobs in some big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

However, if you want to work in a factory, I've heard that there are a lot of factories in local area and they need to employ people as workers usually.

On the other hands, Japanese general price is very expensive. So, you need to save your money in your personal life.

Working in Japan
This page describes indigenous Employment Style to Japan, Visa, Working Hours each day by our immigration status, the reasons of illegal working and so on. It would be better to look over this page before working in Japan.
Working Visa in Japan
This is the Page for Working Visa that we can work in Japan for one or three years.

Huge Theme Parks

There are some huge theme parks such as Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, and Universal Studio Japan and a lot of zoos, botanical gardens, and aquarium in Japan. And the attractive parks generally locate in the suburb of big cities, and you can visit there weekend easily.

It's easy to travel China, Taiwan and Korea

China, Taiwan and Korea are neighboring countries, so it's easy to travel to there from Japan with cheep price. Especially I recommend traveling to Korea by the ferry.

The safest domestic security

Japanese level of domestic security is one of the highest levels in the world. Generally it wouldn't be problem that you walk alone at night, and there are very few atrocious crimes in Japan.