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The Encouragement of Learning Japanese Language

There are two kinds of people, one kind of people wants to learn Japanese language, and another kind of people doesn't want to learn. Basically, I'd like to encourage learning Japanese language.

I list some my reasons below.

  • It makes easy to make Japanese friends.
  • It's possible to understand what Japanese press means.
  • You can be active in some businesses that relate Japan.
  • Japan is the best environment to learn Japanese language in the world.

It's a truth there are few Japanese who can speak English by their education in their university, but the percentage is so few. General Japanese can speak broken English slowly with few English words. There are some English descriptions in public transportations. But in the most shops or restaurants, there are no English menus generally. If you stay such a big city as Tokyo, you can live even if you can't understand Japanese language well. On the other hands, I guess that you would feel inconvenient by staying in some local areas if you can't speak.

My beginning of Canadian life was too stressful, because I couldn't listen what my host family said. But two or three months later, I could enjoy Canadian life by my English skill that was a bottom level to live. So, understanding the language is a key point to make the staying to be fine and joyful and great.

It isn't important to learn Japanese language for short visitor. However, on long stay such as studying in Japanese university, speaking Japanese would help you to enjoy and understand Japanese life and culture.

In addition, staying in Japan is the best environment to study Japanese language. And there are a lot of Japanese who want to study English in Japan, talking with them is the one of the good way to study. And, Japanese mass medial would help you study reading, listening.

In my opinion, it's a one of the ideal ways that you make Japanese friends by your learning Japanese, and it helps your visit would be great experiences.

Japanese Language School in Japan
If we can understand Japanese language, it would give some great possibilities in Japan to us. This page is written about Japanese Language Ability and some points to select Japanese Language School. This page would be very important for students.