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Japanese Language School in Japan

Which points are important to select our Japanese language school? On this page, I would like to write some points to select a Japanese language school, it is based my experiences that I studied English at the language school in Canada.

I hope that the information would be so helpful to you when you select it, so please check them.

And this website recommend you to learn Japanese language in Japan. So please look over the below HP also.

The encouragement of learning Japanese language
If we learn Japanese Language, it's sure that our Japanese life would be happier!

Japanese Language Ability

What do you think about Japanese language abilities? I guess it depends on the purpose, for example understanding Japanese Manga that is Japanese cartoon, describing our ideas to Japanese with our Japanese words, trading some e-mails with Japanese and so on.

And the "Entering Japanese universities" and "Making some business chances with Japanese company" would be the majors in several kinds of purposes. Then what are the important Japanese language abilities to aim at the two goals? We need to write it below.

In the business cases, I'm sure about Japanese language abilities are most necessary at the meeting in the office. Because, we are required to understand every conversation and to describe our opinions in Japanese at the meetings. And we have to read some materials at a moment. Sometimes we need to give some presentations with some Japanese materials. And we need to record the proceedings of the meeting in Japanese. So, we need four abilities, which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening for our meeting of our business.

Next, let think about the classes at the universities. At the university, we need to understand the contents of the lecture and the textbooks, to ask unclear things, write our answers at the examinations and give the presentations in front of a whiteboards. So we're required the four Japanese language abilities, which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in university.

So learning Japanese languages means that we learn the four Japanese language abilities, which are reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Some good Japanese language schools would have their curriculums and examinations included the four abilities materially. In additionally, it would be perfects that the school has some computer curriculums and group works. Because, we would be required to send some E-mail and write some materials with Microsoft word on the business today. And we have a lot of chances to work with our group at the jobs and researches at the university.


The important points of school environments would be "Multinational", "Dormitory" and "Computer". So I would like to write about them on this part.


At first, I would like to write about multinational. It's totally better to have a lot of our international friend in our school when we visit in other country. And it's so joyful things that we throw a party with international foods cooked by our international friends. So the schools are desirable that the schools have a lot of students who have several kinds of citizenships or cultural backgrounds at the schools. If there are a lot of students who have same citizenship, they would speak their mother language in the school and it's easy to have a group with same cultural students. On the other hands, if there are a lot of students with several kinds of backgrounds, it's difficult to make a cultural group, and the class would become friendly with every classmate.

The page was written about friends.

Friends in Japan
This page is written about friends in Japan and it's wrote about kinds of friends who we would make and some advises to make Japanese friends.


At second, I would like to write about the school dormitories. Some of the schools have the school dormitories, and some of the schools introduce some home stays to their students. If the school doesn't help us to find our room, it would be serious for us and we have to find a room by ourselves. In my opinion, home stay would be better than school dormitory for learning Japanese language, because home stay would give some chances to speak Japanese with Japanese. And it would be a good experience to live with Japanese.

Please check the below page, it's wrote about first housing in Japan.

First Housing
When you'll arrive at Japan, where will you stay at first? So this page shows some choices, please refer to it.


And the computers are also important. It's so general things that we write some materials or documentations by the computers at some business and the reports in university and/or office today. Actually, when I was an university student 10 years ago, I already used the computers to write my reports, and Word and Excel would be bottom skill to work at Japanese company. So, it's necessary for us that the schools have computer curriculum that we make some documentations by the computers in the school.

Computers are so important for our overseas life. We can read some merits to take our computers with us, and some cares paid to take it.

Course to Take After Graduation

After graduated our school, it's also useful information for us what graduated students do after their graduated. When we contact with the school, I would like to recommend to ask which school and company the graduated students are actually in after graduated.

We can ask what kinds of companies they were employed by if our purpose is the finding job in Japan, and we can also ask which university they study in if our purpose is entering into an university. Because, we would be the same or similar university students or company worker as the graduated students.


Some of the schools provide some activities to their students well. And the activities would give some chances to make good relationships with other students, and to enjoy the event also.

I guess that it would be ideal that the activities are relative with Japanese cultural events such as Sa-do, Ka-do or seasonally activities for example Hanami, expressly we study in Japanese school. How do you think that the activity include in your opinion to select your Japanese language school?