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Credit Card in Japan

Credit Card was a one of the things that was very useful and helpful for me in Canada. Because, I could withdraw local currency from the ATMs with my Credit Card when I needed Canadian dollars in Canada, and I could pay local currencies when I bought something in some shops, so I thought that there were all the difference between to take my Credit Card with me and not.

In Japan, VISA or JCB are major Credit Cards in Japan. Especially the JCB is the Credit card that is used in only Japan, so I think that it's very difficult to have JCB Credit Card except Japan. That is the reason that I recommend you to visit Japan with your VISA Credit Card from your country.

When you try to apply for your new Credit Card in Japan, it's sometimes very difficult to have a new Credit Card except Japanese by the screen that is hard for other country's people. Fortunately you pass the screen, but you need long time to issue your new Credit Card after your applying. So, it's a wise policy to prepare your VISA Credit Card for visit Japan.

The merits to take your Credit Card

So, I would like to write some merits to take your Credit Card with you.

If your Credit Card has any point services, you can get any profits by your Credit Card when you buy something with your Credit Card. And some of the Credit Cards collect miles, so I recommend you to search the information before applying your VISA Credit Card.
If you stay in Japan to study for one year, maybe you would spend approximately 2000,000 yen or more than. So, you can guess the benefit if you pay everything with your Credit Card.

In additionally, some of the Credit Cards have some traveler's insurances. When you meet with any accidents while visit Japan, the insurance would help you if your Credit Cards have any traveler's insurances. In additionally, when you arrive on Japan, please apply Kokumin Kenko Hoken, or Kenko Hoken.

Please refer below homepages that would help you about Kokumin Kenko Hoken and Kenko Hoken.

Health Insurance
International people can get Japanese National Health Insurance. We can check the details of the national health insurance and the way applying it on this page.

Japanese values of Credit Card

For reference, paying with cash is general in Japan, so usually Japanese don't pay money with their Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Maybe there are some reasons, I think that one of them is Japanese security. Because, It isn't dangerous to walk around with your cash in Japan. And Japanese worry about other crimes, for example stealing their Credit Card number on internet, card skimming. Actually, I hadn't used my Credit Card before visit Canada even if I had my Credit Card.

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