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Open new Bank Account in Japan

In Japan, Japanese bank account is very useful to paying by automatic withdrawals, which are some automatic utilities payments, and bank transfer. So, it's better to apply your bank account at Japanese bank at beginning of your stay in Japan.

And we can't see any checks in Japan, when somebody works with their Work Visa or Working Holiday Visa, the salaries are usually paid to your bank account. And the charges of cell phones and utilities are usually paid by automatic withdrawals.

In additionally, there are no cost of maintenance of your account at Japanese bank, so I recommend you to apply your new Japanese bank account in Japan early.

I list Japanese bank distinctive feature bellow.

  • For paying utilities bills.
  • No cost of maintenance for your account.
  • Can't see any checks.
  • The salary is paid into your bank account.

How do you think about Japanese bank account? Don't you think it's useful?

How to open you bank account

When you open your new bank account, it's useful and convenient to select a branch office of a bank close your house or school or office. At that time, you need to take below materials to open your account.

  • Alien Registration Card
  • Passport
  • Seal

Sometimes, people except Japanese open their account by their signature without their seal.

Next, I would like to write about the way to open your new Japanese account before receive your Alien Registration Card.

Basically your new Alien Registration Card is issued at a later date. So you need to apply a certificate designating the period of its issuance at same counter after submit your Alien Registration Card. The certificate would work same as your Alien Registration Card until you will receive your Alien Registration Card. So, please don't forget to apply the certificate designating the period of its issuance, when you are required to open your new Japanese bank account by any reasons.

And the below page show the information about Alien Registration in Japan.

Alien Registration in Japan
Alien Registration is the most important things at the very beginning for people who plan long term staying in Japan.

Net Banking and Cash Card

Finally, I have to write about Cash Cards and Net Banking.

If you have your Cash Card of your bank, you can withdraw, deposit, bank transfer and so on by any ATMs in some convenience stores. And Net Banking is also useful for you, because you can check your balance at your bank, transfer to somebody's bank account in your room,

So, it's the best way to apply them when you open your new Japanese bank account.