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Kinds of Japanese Cell Phone

There are two kinds of cell phones, which are prepaid cell phones and general cell phones in Japan.

The prepaid cell phone is the cell phone to be required to pay before calling. Usually it's very rare that Japanese have any prepaid cell phones, but some of visitors have their prepaid cell phones that are easy to contract. However, the prices of prepaid cell phones are honestly very expensive, for example 60 to 100 yen each minute. In my opinion, general phones are better than prepaid cell phones.

And prepaid cell phones have international calling function without any special contracts. Of cause you don't need the function because of skype is just free.

General cell phones usually have a lot of functions, such as downloading music and movies, navigation system, TV and radio, digital camera, sending music and movies, Osaifu-Keitai and so on. If you buy a highly efficient cell phone, please try the above functions.