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Cell Phone in Japan

I guess that most people who came from other country would contract their cell phone in Japan. Generally the cell phone would provide you with your Japanese convenient life with some functions, such as e-mail, Internet, digital camera, navigation system and Osaifu-Keitai that's a function to pay your money by your cell phone.

On the other hands, Japanese telephone isn't a convenient. For example, you would care about your voice or timing during staying with your Japanese host family. And if your computer is installed the skype, you don't need call by the telephone in your house.

Actually, when I had lived in Tokyo for more than six years, I had never called with my telephone and used only my cell phone.

So, basically I would like to recommend you to contract your cell phone in Japan. And there are some merits wrote down bellow.

  • The contract of cell phone is easier than general telephone.
  • Easy to contact your friend.
  • Sending and receiving your e-mail.
  • Connect the Internet at outside.
  • Don't need to care about your host family or lodger.
  • You can wake up by your cell phone.

But, the price of Japanese cell phone is expensive. In Japan some of my friends pays few hundreds dollar each month, so it's better to use your cell phone moderately. Everybody think that costs of travel are better than the charges of their cell phones.

Kinds of Japanese cell phone
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Major Cell Phone Companies
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Contract with a Cell Phone Company
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Saving your charge for your cell phone
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Useful Functions
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