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Train, Subway, Bus in Japan

Trains, subways and buses would be the most important transportations for your Japanese life to go your school or office and shopping. When you'll travel, they will help you also.

How to take Japanese trains?

At first, you need to buy the ticket for the train before taking it, and then you are required to show your tickets to the ticket examiner or automatic examining machine at the examination of tickets. After that, you can go to your departure platform and take your train. The trains would leave from the station at the fixed time perfectly. So I would recommend you to check the departure time on the Internet, especially you are planning to take other trains.

How many kinds of Tickets are there?

When you buy your ticket, the time you can select one from four kinds of the tickets, which are "Ticket", "Commuter Ticket", "Book of Tickets" and "Prepaid Card". The cheapest is Commuter tickets, and next is the Book of Tickets, Prepaid tickets and just ticket is the most expensive one.

About Commuter Ticket

You can buy a commuter ticket between the nearest stations from your house and your school or office, and you can choose one term from three kinds of terms, which are one month, three months and six months. You can get off every station between the selected stations free with your commuter ticket.

About Prepaid Card

When you want to buy the prepaid card or the book of tickets, at that time please choose the prepaid card. Because the prepaid card is so useful, you can take some trains of several companies with your card. In different words, the train companies cooperate each other, you can ride on these company's trains with one prepaid card, so you can ride on every train at the area actually. The most famous is "Pass-Net" in Kanto area. If you will live at Kanto are that has Tokyo, it would help you.