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Public Transports in Japan

When you'll stay in Japan, you would use some Japanese public transports for your daily life or traveling. So this page will describe some Japanese features about public transportations, please check them.

At beginning, I list some Japanese major transportations bellow.

  • Train, Subway, Bus
  • Shinkansen
  • Long-distance bus
  • Airplane

And there are some discounts for students, which are called "Gakusei Waribiki", when they use some public transportations. So if you are a student, you can get some discounts by the Gakusei Waribiki. When the students receive the Gakusei Waribiki, their school should issues the certificate to them before buying their tickets. So when you'll buy any tickets, please ask about Gakusei Waribiki to your school.

Well I want to write about Japanese public transportations from here.

Train, Subway, Bus
These are most common public transportations in Japan. We can check the ways to ride and kinds of tickets.
I guess that we'll use Shinkansen that is Japanese super express once at least for our traveling in Japan. This page shows the merits and the fare to use Shinkansen.
Long-distance bus
We don't have enough money to buy a ticket of Shinkansen, even if we need to move long-distance. How about long-distance bus in such situation?
It's common to take an airplane to move Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa from Honshu that is main island of Japan.