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Emergency Numbers in Japan

If we will be in any states of emergency in Japan, which number can we call? I would like to list the answer of the question below.

102Emergency Number (Special Calling)
110Police Office (Emergency Calling)
118The Japan Coast Guard (Emergency Calling)
119The Fire Station and Ambulance (Emergency Calling)
171Leave a Message for Emergency

We have five numbers in Japan, but the important numbers are only 110 and 119. So please commit both numbers to memory for our emergency.

And we can call the above emergency numbers except exchange numbers. And we can call the numbers except any coins or telephone cards at every public telephone, the time we just push a red button on the public phone before calling.

Next, I would like to write some situations when we should call in the concretes.

When you get Sudden Illness or Serious Wound

If you need an ambulance in such situations as your sudden illness or serious wound, you can call 119. At that time, you would be required to tell the address, your name, the condition and the situations.

By the way, the number 119 is the same number as Japanese fire stations, so we need to tell that we need an ambulance.

When you're in any Matters

We can call 110 to connect with Japanese polices when we're in some matters, for example a robber. We can automatically connect with the nearest police office by 110. At that time, we need to tell the address, name, and the trouble.

If some thieves steal any articles in your room, it's better to keep the situations except touching before police officers come.

When you find a Fire

When you find a fire in or near your house, you can call 119 to connect with the fire station. And it's a same number as calling ambulance, so you need to say "I found a fire".  In additionally address and name are also important.

When you loss your articles

When we loss our article in Japan, we can also call 110.

If somebody find your lost article and take it to a police box, it'll return to you. And Japanese law protect you by your calling the fact that you lost article, for example your ID, before when somebody make bad use.

But, we always connect with the nearest police office by 110. So if you lost an article in the other city, you need to look up the telephone number of the police office in the city and call them.

On the other hands, if we lost any articles in the train, tax, bus and shops, it's better to call the shops or office and ask about it before calling 110.

When you meet with Traffic Accident

If somebody has any serious wounds by the traffic accident, we have to call 199 to send for an ambulance to go the hospital with.

And it's so important to ask other person in the accident his or her name, address and telephone number.

And then we have to call 110 to send the police officers. And then the police officers come here and start to make the record. The record is the material who is the responsible person in the accident.

Finally, it's totally better to talk with Japanese about the accident. Please have a talk with some trusted Japanese who are your friends or teachers in your school or colleagues in your office as soon as possible.

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