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Summer in Japan

Generally the term of Japanese summer is from Jun to August. I guess that you would feel muggy and uncomfortable by a lot of mosquitoes. On the other hands, we have summer vacation and some big events, for example Tanabata, Fireworks, The Bon Festival.

InahoInSummerAt rice field in summer, you can see a lot of full-grown green rice plants. The rice plant waving in the wind has particular beauties.


At beginning of summer, Japanese mountains are colored by young green of the leaves budding in spring, and the colors of young leaves would be deep green at middle of summer.

When you go mountains at beginning of summer, please stay there until dark. Sometimes you can go firefly watching.

In additionally, some typhoons approach Japan in summer, so it's better to plan your trips with the information of typhoon.


Tanabata (July 7th)

This event is the Star Festival. The Weaver Star (Vega) and Cowherd Star (Altair) can't meet, because they usually live another side of the Milky Way. But on July 7th, They can meet each other again at the middle of the Milky Way. Don't you think the story is romantic, do you? At this day, we decorate the bamboos like Christmas tree, and we write our wish on some strips of fancy paper for stars.


A lot of fireworks are sent up to paint the summer night sky each place in Japan. Some of the biggest festivals shoot off tens of thousands of fireworks, therefore I'd like to suggest to go big fireworks festival. By the way, there're several kinds of fireworks in Japan. We can buy them in convenience stores, and you can enjoy some sparklers and Roman candle in Japan.

The Bon Festival (around August 15th)

The Bon Festival is the biggest Buddhist festival in Japan. At that term, we spend time with our ancestor for few days. Shinto is kind of Japanese common religion, and it effects Japanese general sense has a lot of gods. So Buddha is also one of them in Japan. This is the reason that most of Japanese family have The Bon Festival, even if they say "We have no religion." By the way, we make a fire to invite our ancestors at the first day of The Bon Festival, and we also make a fire to send them off to the Heaven at the final day.