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Four Seasons in Japan

Japanese Four Seasons have full of variety except Okinawa area that is a land of everlasting summer, and every visitor would be fascinated. The cherry blossoms in spring, young leaves in summer, autumn leaves in autumn and snow in winter... You can enjoy Japanese nature and culture every seasons. At this page, I would like to write about the appeals of Japanese nature and events each seasons.

Spring in Japan
Japanese Spring is the start of the year. And Japanese cherry blossoms that Japanese have a profound love of bloom in this season. And the weather is so nice to live, so it would be the best season to travel in Japan.
Summer in Japan
Japanese Summer is so humid. But we have summer vacation and some big events, for example Tanabata, Fireworks, The Bon Festival.
Autumn in Japan
Japanese autumn is also the best season to live in Japan. We can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves and it's also a harvest season. And we can say "Japanese autumn is nice season to travel in Japan like Japanese spring."
Winter in Japan
The snows cover each place at Japanese north area and we can enjoy winter sports. And the taste of Japanese Sake and seafood would be the best.