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Winter in Japan

Japanese winter is from December to February, and we have snow except few areas and we can enjoy winter sports at some mountains. And the tastes of Japanese sake and a lot of seafood would be the most delicious, so this season is the chance to try Japanese food with the best condition.

In winter, we can see only snowfield changed from rice field that doesn't have any reaped rice plants.


Before snow, the view looks lonely by the trees have no leaves. But the view would be changed to beautiful with snow. If you want to enjoy Japanese winter, I would like to recommend you to visit some small villages in mountains. You would enjoy the great environments with such silent as it's possible to listen the noise of snow.


Christmas (December 24th)

We also celebrate the Christian event Christmas in Japan whose religion is generally Shinto that has a lot of gods. In Japanese case, Christmas is for couples and they change their presents each other and spend time. But if the family has any young children, they celebrate with their whole family.

Ohmisoka (December 31st)

Ohmisoka is the day that is the end of the year and we need to prepare everything for next year. At the night of Ohmisoka, we eat "Toshikosi-Soba", which is the special noodle to pray our long life. In every Buddhism temple ring 'Joyano-Kane', which is the bell ringing out the old year, 108 times that mean is the number of desire for worldly things. When you visit there around 10 pm or 11 pm, you can help to ring 'Joyano-Kane'. Do you want to try it?

Shogatsu (January first)

The Shogatsu is the biggest event same as The Bon Festival, so we celebrate Shogatsu with our relation. We decorate the Kadomatsu, which is the New Year's decorative pine, in front of the entrance of our house. And we visit the Shinto Shrine at first, we call the event 'Hatsu-Mode'. The foods are also special for Shogatsu, we call it 'Osechi'. The Osechi helps our mothers to take a rest for Shogatsu, because it is bit high-class meals and easy to keep long time. So our mother usually finishes to cook it last year and enjoy with family new year.