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Living Expenses in Japan

How much do we need to stay in Japan? The Calculation of living your cost is one of the very important things before visit Japan, especially for students. At this page, I want to write the information about the breakdown of the living cost from my friend's information.

My friend's information was came from the below cities.

Japanese Map

And the information is described on the bellow table.

The heart of Tokyothe suburbs of TokyoSaitamaNagoyaGifu
Housing expenses70,00050,00050,00057,50045,000
Heating and lighting expenses10,0009,00020,0009,00015,000
Food expanses40,00040,00030,00040,00030,000
Communication expenses
12,000 (8,000 +4,000)12,000 (8,000 +4,000)15,000 (8,000 +7,000)11,000 (6,000 +5,000)12,000 (8,000 +4,000)
Transportation expenses10,00020,00020,00010,00024,000
Total expenses142,000131,000135,000127,500126,000

After correct the information of expenses from some of my friends, I discover the fact that it's possible to save the housing expenses when you stay in local area, but light, heating, communication and transportation expenses would cost more. Finally, there aren't much difference between heart of Tokyo and other cities.

So I think that it's the best way to live near your school or office as possible. But it would be affected by the comfort or location of you house.

Housing expenses

If you work in your company and then you're lucky, you would rent a Shain-Ryo, which is company dormitories, or be given housing allowance. When you'll work in the area where housing expense is expensive at, such as Tokyo, the allowance would be so helpful. And if you are a student at your school that has some Gakusei-Ryo, which is school dormitories sometimes, it helps you save your money also.

Heating and Lighting Expenses

We have to pay the heating and lighting expenses in Japan. The electricity charges are most expensive in the group. So we need to economize in power for our saving. But these expenses are sometimes included in our house rent at some dormitories. So it's important to ask about it before you contract with.

In additionally, gas charge is difference between city gas and propane gas and the propane gas is cheaper than the city gas.

Food expenses

Our food expenses depend on the areas where we live in, but the costs are basically more expensive than other country's one. Especially eating out is easy to lose our money, cook our food by ourselves is the best way. But I think that it so difficult to cook our dinner everyday, the time we can buy the everyday dishes, which are discounted after evening, for our dinner at general supermarkets. When I worked in Japan, I sometimes bought them.

Communication Expenses

The cell phones and the Internet are necessary in other country. And the cell phone charges would be from 4,000 Yen to 6,000 Yen if you don't use it so many times. Ant Inter net charge is usually 4,000 Yen each month.

The information of cell phone is written at below the HP.

Cell Phone
This page describes the basic information abut kinds of Japanese Cell Phone, majors, the way to contract and useful technique for saving.

Transportation Expenses

If you work at some Japanese companies with your working permit. The time your company would pay the expense between your house and office to you. And if you are a student, you can get your Gakusei-Waribiki, which is a student discount, and you would pay just half of your expense to take public transportations.

Public Transports in Japan
We can check about the merits and the way to use of Train, Sub Way, Bus, Shinkansen and Airplane in Japan. In additionally, the page includes such important information for students as student discount. So let's look over!