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Contract with a Cell Phone Company in Japan

You need to go a cell phone shop when you contract your cell phone and buy your cell phone.

The time you would be required below materials.

  • Your ID, such as Alien Registration Card.
  • Your bank account number and your seal (signature is also OK, maybe).
  • Charge for service (about 3,000 yen).
  • The price of Cell phone body (The price is sometimes free, especially new contract).

Before contract, please ask about the discount for certain cell phone number at the shop. The discount is very useful, when you call the resisted cell phone number, at that time your charge for the call will discount half price. Usually every body call few people many times, so if you register their cell phone numbers, the charges for your calls would be cheaper than unregistered. But, this service is usually for only same operator's cell phone numbers, so generally people choose same operator as their family or friends.

In additionally, there are some discounts for students. If you are a student, check the discount also at shop.

Incidentally, paying with your credit card is the best. Because, the card offers little advantage each payment.

After contract, you can use your new cell phone, and you need to pay the charges for your cell phone (about 5,000-10,000 yen) each month. If you don't choose your automatic debit transfer or credit card to pay the charges, you can pay the charges at any banks or postal offices or convenience stores with your payment slip.