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Saving your charge for your Cell Phone in Japan

Usually, it's better to pay attention to your charges for your cell phone. Because, the communication charge may cost you very expensive prices sometimes.

There are some reasons, and I think that the two biggest reasons are "talking over your free call hours" and "sending and/or receiving a lot of data".

Calling hours are easy to be managed. On the other hands it's very difficult to manage your total amount of data communication. So I wrote some possibility, they are just downloading and/or uploading big files may be expensive.

  • Downloading some colorful pictures.
  • Downloading some movies and/or game software.
  • Downloading some music files.
  • Sending and/or receiving some above files as an attached file.

But now, we usually use the Internet with our cell phones, so the charge of data must be expensive. So a lot of Japanese uses the plan that is "Fixed Charge of Data Transmission". Usually the charge is free that is over the fixed charge which is usually around 4,000 yen. I think that it's bit expensive, but it's useful for such people as using the Internet and E-mail with their cell phone always.

Anyway, please don't spend your money for your cell phone, and it's better to spend your money meaningful as possible as you can in Japan.