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Useful Functions of Japanese Cell Phone

Alarm function

I didn't buy any alarm clocks when I stayed in Canada, and I waked up by my cell phone every morning. Because, my staying was just over one year, so I didn't think that I wanted to buy any unnecessary or useless things.

Connecting to the Internet

It's really useful function to connect to the Internet. We can't only research any information but also write or read our blog. And it's also useful for investing people to check the condition of our investments whenever they want.

Checking some railway timetables

The below website is very useful for your transfer in Japan. Especially in Tokyo, railway and subway should be common transportation. The website calculate end describe your route and time when you type your destination and starting stations and time on the website. And the results always correct. Please try the website when contract your cell phone in Japan.

This is an official website. I usually use this site to check the route and time to transfer in Japan. And it's easy to search.