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Tax in Japan

You have an obligation to pay your taxes while you stay in Japan. In this page, I wrote information about Japanese taxes, which are kinds of Japanese taxes and the way to pay. Please refer to below.

There are a lot of kinds of taxes in Japan. For example, you have to pay consumption taxes when you buy something, income taxes if you have any salary, and automobile taxes are for people who have any vehicles. There're other kinds of taxes, but you might pay above taxes while visit Japan.

I wrote the detail of the above taxes below.

The Taxes on Purchases
We are required to pay taxes on our purchase in Japan. What taxes are there in Japan? We can check them out on this page.
The Taxes on our Income
This page shows some taxes on our incomes when we work in Japan. And this page is written about the way to pay and kinds. It would be helpful information for the people who want to work in Japan.
The Taxes on vehicle
There are such kinds of taxes as on our cars and motorbikes in Japan. This page describes some kinds of the taxes on our vehicles and the way to pay them. The information is for people who want to buy any vehicles while staying in Japan.