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The Taxes on Purchases in Japan

Usually the taxes on purchases are already included in shop prices, so you can pay the taxes automatically. These taxes are tobacco taxes and alcohol taxes, which are for specific item, and consumption tax that is for every item. In these taxes case, you can pay automatically, so you don't need to worry to forget to pay the taxes.

In this connection, the tobacco taxes are about 60 percents. And the alcohol taxes depend on the kinds of alcohol, so I drew the below table to describe the details.

Class Alcoholic drinks Alcoholic strength Tax charge each one liter Additional charge each 1 percent
Beers Beer (Basic tax ratio) Less than 20% 220
Low-malt beer (malt ratio 25-50%) Less than 10% 178
Low-malt beer (malt ratio less than 25%) Less than 10% 134
Other kinds of beers made by hop Less than 10% 80
Alcoholic beverage made by fermentation Sake Less than 22% 120
Fruit liqueur and wine 80
The others (Basic tax ratio) Less than 20% 140
Spirits Shochu 20% 200 10
Whisky, Brandy, Spirit 37% 370 10
Mixed liquor Liqueur, Fruit wine 12% 120 10
Mixed Sake 100
Sweet cooking Sake 20
Powder liquor 390
Other alcohol (Basic tax ratio) 20% 220 11

*Since May 1st, 2006

Since I visited Canada, I found out Japanese prices of beer and wine are very expensive. Maybe, beer's price is double, wine's one is from double to three times. So, if you love beers and wines, I recommend you to drink a lot of glasses in you country before coming to Japan.

For reference, Canadian beer's price was 150 yen and I could buy several kinds of wines with around 1,000 yen in Canada.

And, Japanese consumption tax on every purchase is 5%, and the rate will increase forward.