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Clothes in any areas at each season in Japan

I'd like to write about some example about the clothes in Sapporo-city, Tokyo, and Naha-city in each season. If you want to stay in other areas, I hope that you guess the costumes at by the examples. And the information about temperature and costumes differ from one year to another, so please check to get a rough idea.


The Clothes at Sapporo-City in Hokkaido

In spring (from May to Jun, the temperature is from 8 to 21 centigrade degree)

  • Long sleeves, jacket, light coat
  • People need the heating until July at north area of Hokkaido, so it's better to wear your light winter clothes at the area. And at south area, there are some cold chilly days even if you feel warm by the rays of the sun, so please take your light sweater with you by the way of precaution.

In summer (from Jul to Aug, the temperature is from 17 to 26 centigrade degree)

  • Short sleeves, long sleeves as a precaution
  • The temperatures are different between nice weather and bad weather, so I recommend taking your long sleeves with you always.

In autumn (from Sep to Oct, the temperature is from 7 to 12 centigrade degree)

  • Long sleeves with jacket, light coat
  • I recommend you to carry your jacket with you even if you feel hot or warm in daytime, because the temperature at morning and evening are chilly. And when you wear your coat, it's better to protect your body against the wind.

In winter (from Nov to Apr, the temperature is from -7 to 11 centigrade degree)

  • Coat with warm lining recommended to be putted waterproof spray on, gloves, scarf, thick socks, winter shoes that are trekking shoes or rubber-soled shoes against snows.
  • The winter in Hokkaido is severe winter, and the temperature is usually under the sub-zero temperature in day. So you need to wear winter clothes at outside. On the other hands, the temperatures are warm when you are in inside of the train or the bus or the house, so you need to take off your coats. If you don't, you would catch a cold by your sweat when you go out.

The Clothes at Tokyo

In spring (from Apr to Jun, the temperature is from 10 to 25 centigrade degree)

  • Long sleeves, jacket
  • In Tokyo in April, the weather is usually warm, but there are some chilly days in April. So your jacket would be useful to protect against chilly. In May and June, you would feel too warm sometimes when you wear long sleeves.

In summer (from Jul to Sep, the temperature is from 19 to 31 centigrade degree)

  • Short sleeves, T-shirt
  • It's very difficult to find any men who wear short pants in Tokyo, usually Japanese men wear long pants even if the day is hot. And some women carry their long sleeves with them against air conditioning in some offices and/or schools and/or transportations.

In autumn (from Oct to Nov, the temperature is from 8 to 20 centigrade degree)

  • Long sleeves, jacket, coat
  • The temperature is worm in the daytime, but it is bit chilly in the evening time. So you can wear your jacket when you feel chilly, and the light coat is recommended to wear in November.

In winter (from Dec to Mar, the temperature is from -2 to 13 centigrade degree)

  • Long sleeves, coat, scarf
  • The winter weather in Tokyo is cold, so your coat and your scarf are necessary to go out. And in warm room, you can control your temperature by your coat and your scarf.

The Clothes at Naha-City in Okinawa

In spring and summer (from Apr to Nov, the temperature is from 19 to 31 centigrade degree)

  • Short sleeves, short pants (but in April and November, long sleeves are recommended to take with you)
  • The rays of the sun start to shine down from July, but the highest temperature isn't hotter than the temperature of Japan mainland and you can feel comfortable when you go into the shade.

In autumn and winter (from Dec to Mar, the temperature is from 14 to 26 centigrade degree)

  • Sweater, fleece, light coat
  • The windchill equivalent temperature is bit low even if the temperature isn't low. So, winter in Okinawa is bit cold though we can enjoy diving every season.