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Clothing in Japan

I guess that you would be burdened with your clothes that you take aboard to stay in Japan. To take aboard or to buy those in Japan are important questions for you. Especially your Japanese clothes would depend on regions and seasons, so this is the reason to feel more difficult to guess your clothes before visit Japan.
One of the easiest ways is to buy your new clothes each season after you visit Japan, but it costs you. Therefore, I'd like to recommend you to take your clothes aboard from your country to save your money. In my case when I lived in Canada, I took my summer clothes aboard Canada, and winter clothes were sent from Japan by my family.

So I would like to describe some examples, which are costumes at the north area city that is Sapporo-City in Hokkaido, at the middle area city that is Tokyo and south area city that is Naha-city in Okinawa. If you want to take your clothes aboard Japan, please refer to bellow information.

The Clothes in any areas at each season
The Japanese Archipelago is long between north area and south area, and the climates are different and depend on the area. So, We can check the clothes at each season in three major cities, which are Sapporo-City at north area, Tokyo at middle area and Naha at south area. So, the information would help us to select some of our clothes to take with us to Japan.
Purchase clothes
Where do Japanese buy their clothes? And which shops are famous in their cheap prices? The page is written about the information to buy our clothes in Japan.