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Purchase clothes in Japan

If you want to save your money and you need to buy your new clothes in Japan, at that time you can buy your clothes in UNIQLO that is one of the famous shops. The prices are cheap and the qualities are poor. But, if your purpose is to stay for one or two years in Japan, purchase at UNIQLO is one of the ways for disposable.

On the other hands, when you want to buy nice clothes, it's better to buy in department stores in big city such as, Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya and Isetan. And there are some good clothe shops in the city, so you can ask your Japanese friends or your international friends who stay before you about the locations where the shops are.

Finally, Japanese young people don't buy their clothes in such shopping centers as Ion, Ito-Yokado and so on.