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Car Rental in Japan

When you travel all over Japan with your friends, the rental cars would be one of the cheapest way to save your transportation expenses. You can rent a car with your friends, and then you can share the total expenses between your friends and you. And the cars are difference from the trains and airplanes, you can stop wherever you want and you can buy something whatever you need when you find some shops. We can usually use a navigation system, so we can go everywhere except losing our way.

In additionally, it's also useful that we move to far aria by the Shinkansen or airplane and then we rent a car at the stations or airports in the area. The way is general to travel to Kyushu or Hokkaido and a lot of Japanese do actually.

So I would like to write about the rental cars, which are convenient, on this page, so if you want to travel around Japan, please consider it.


What do we need to rent a car in Japan? Of course, our international driving license is required. And we also have to take something proving our identity with us.

I think that your Alien Registration Card or passport would be the most convenient and best. If you have your student identification card or employee identification card, you might use them also.

The page is written about Alien Registration Card.

Alien Registration Card
Alien Registration is the most important things at the very beginning for people who plan long term staying in Japan. This page shows the way to register and handling of Alien Registration Card that will be issued after register.

And we also need our Credit Card in addition to something proving our identify. I think that we always need to show our Credit Card to the stuff at the rental car shop in Japan even if we want to pay in cash. So don't forget to bring your Credit Card to Japan with you.

The below page is wrote about Credit Card.

Credit Card
We must get our Credit Cards that are very useful in other countries before going to Japan. We can check out Credit Card environment in Japan.


The rental cars would be rented with full-gas from the shops at first, so we have to return the car with full-gas also. The shop's stuff fills up the rental car after if it isn't full. And the expenses are more expensive then general gas's one, so it's totally better that we fill up the car before return to the shop.

And there're two kinds of gas in Japan. These are 'High-Octane Gasoline' and 'Regular Gasoline'. The kind of gas depends on the cars, so we need to ask which kind of gas is suitable for the car when we rent it. By the way, High-Octane Gasoline is more expensive then Regular Gasoline.

Child Seat

In Japanese, every child whose age is under 7 years old have to sit on their child seat when they get in a car under The Road Traffic Law. If we rent a car with our child, we have to rent a child seat at that time.


It's better to rent a car at Japanese big shops, which have a lot of branches and it's easy to return, when we book a car. And the biggest enterprise is "TOYOTA Rent a Car", and the second is "Nippon Rental Car". So I added some international rental car shops that you can book in English after Japanese ones.

Of cause, I would like to recommend to rent a car at Japanese shops if you can understand Japanese language. Because, there are a lot of branches.

TOYOTA Rent a Car
Official website(Japanese). Tel:0070-8000-10000
Nippon Rent a Car
Official English website. Tel:03-3485-7196
ORIX Rent-A-Car
Official website
Official website.
ToCoo! Travel
Official website.
Official website.