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Sake in Japan

純米大吟醸参年酒 Sake is the only alcohol fermented with Koji, which is malted rice, in the world. So when we drink so nice Sake, we can enjoy the fruity taste except bad smell, I hope that you would understand that Sake called "Rice Wine" after your drinking.

☆☆サーモス保温徳利熱燗名人  JCI-300☆☆ We can drink Sake with wide range of temperature from 5-centigrade degrees to 60-centigrade degrees, so it's one of the pleasures of Sake. We call warmed SakeAtsu-Kan' and also the chilled Sake is called ‘Hiya'. Generally, we enjoy nice Sake with low temperature and we have cheap Sake with high temperature. When you stay in Japan, please try both of the ways to have Sake in Japan.

Japanese usually enjoy Sake with something to nibble with our drink. And, the most suitable for Sake would be such marine products as Sashimi, dried fishes. It would be a truth that the local alcohols are suitable for local foods. So, seafood helps Sake to be better.

I have one advice for you, when you select one bottle of Sake in a shop. At that time, please select "Jun-Mai Dai-Ginjo" and the mean is that the Sake is made from rice that has been polished leaving sixty-percent of its hull and fermented slowly at a low temperature. And the taste is so fruity and light with the elegant fragrance. I can't recommend you to have some of the other Sake that are mixed with other something, so we would smell bit and it would be easy to have a hangover.