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Shochu in Japan

【72472】芋焼酎 華にごり 黒麹仕込み 44度 500ml Shochu is a clear distilled liquor and most commonly it's made with rice, sweet potatoes, buckwheat or raw sugar. And Shochu is usually bit cheaper than Sake, and we can enjoy Shochu with several ways to have it. Recently we can find several famous brand names of Shochu in the shops. And it makes Shochu be more popular. Actually, I started having a Shochu since it became famous.

酔ひて候・・・焼酎サーバーセット The ways having a Shochu are straight, on the rocks, with hot water, with water, and it's similar to whisky. And the most unique and popular way is putting an Ume-Boshi and Shochu into our glass and then smashing it by our chopsticks. So we can enjoy a lot of the ways having a Shochu in Japan.