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Alcohol in Japan

Japanese really love alcohol, for example Beer, Sake, Shochu, Wine, Whisky and so on. So several kinds of alcohol are loved in Japan.

Actually, I usually prefer having a beer, Sake and whisky in Japan. But, when I stayed in Canada, I enjoyed a lot of Canadian beer and Canadian wine so much. Because, I could buy a lot of kinds of Canadian beer and wine, which aren't be able to buy in Japan, so it was the chances for me to have a lot of international bottles.

So I would like to write the information about the kinds of alcohol drunk in Japan on this page. Please try several kinds of Japanese alcohol during your visit in Japan.

Japanese sake is a representative alcohol in Japan. And it's really difficult to drink nice Japanese sake in other countries, but it's so easy to try in Japan! So visiting in Japan is the chance to try real Japanese sake.
Recently, the quality of shochu is going to be high and I would like to recommend you to try it. And there're several kinds of shochu and the tastes depend on the stuffs and the area in Japan. We can't enjoy only kind of shochu but we would also try the several ways of drinking Japanese shochu. So, let's try shochu in Japan!
The situation of Japanese beers is difference from other country's one. Because, we can buy real beer and fake beer in Japan. This page is written about such beers in Japan.
Japan isn't suitable country to brew wine? And, Japan doesn't have the Wine Law. Let's read Japanese wine situation that is a mixture of good and bad.
The qualities of some of Japanese whiskeys are really high. Please enjoy Japanese whiskey that it's impossible to buy in other countries.