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Beer in Japan

Beers are the most poplar alcohols in Japan. But Japanese beer situations are difference from the other country's one and there are a lot of alcohol that are similar to beer in Japan.

The alcohols that are similar to beer are called "Happo-Shu (is the second beer)" or The Third Beer. The Happo-Shu is an alcohol made with malt and a lot of some ingredients and The Third Beer is also an alcohol, which isn't beer, made with something except molt to be similar to beer as the taste and feeling of beer. So the Happo-Shu and The Third Beer are alcohols that beer company made for their tax-saving measure, so the prices are cheaper than real beer's one and the taste is also cheaper than real beer.

And there is one more kind of beer, which is "Dry Beer". It's more ferment than general beers then the alcoholicity is higher than general beer, on the other hand the beer has few sugar and it makes the taste not be deep and strong.

【居酒屋シリーズ】プロ仕様!ビールにはやっぱりコレ!簡単流水塩ゆで枝豆 Finally, I need to write about the way having a beer, Japanese prefer chilled beer with Eda-Mame and Hiya-Yakko, which is a chilled tofu cut into blocks.