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Sightseeing in Japan

What do you imagine Japanese sightseeing? In Japan, there are some ancient cities that you might touch Japanese histories, which are Kyoto and Nara, and some huge theme parks, which are Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea and Universal studio, and a lot of hot springs resorts, and beautiful aquarium and so on.

Japanese land isn't so big, this is the reason that it's so easy to go some big theme parks, zoos and botanic gardens in the suburbs of the large cities, which are Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

So, in this page, I would like to divide into some below groups.

Tourist City

There are some famous tourist cities in Japan. When you'll have some chances to visit there, you'll enjoy with the differences from your ordinarily Japanese life.

Below cities would be the best three cities selected by my sense of values.


Kyoto was Japanese ancient capital and it has a lot of huge historical temples. On the other hands, if you go the suburbs of Kyoto, you would enjoy the beautiful rows with unique Japanese beauty that harmonizing with the natures. You might try the Shojin-Ryori, which is the vegetarian meal for Japanese monk, and it's one of the joyful things to compare to your country's vegetarian meal, but the expense is bit expensive and we need to book before.


Okinawa is the northland of everlasting summer. We can enjoy all marine sports all the year round, we can also try the whale watching in some seasons. In additionally, the people who live in Okinawa have some different cultures, which are some meal and dialects, so you might find different Japan at the islands.


Do you know that the most of Japanese photos of a landscape are taken in Hokkaido? So you would enjoy majestic natures. And the land of Hokkaido is surrounded by the Sea, this is the reason that Hokkaido is the most famous about Sushi and the taste would be the best in Japan.


Japan is the famous country with frequent earthquakes. And it's the feature of Japan that Japan has a lot of such volcanoes as Mt. Fuji. Such countries as Japan have magma under the ground, and it makes a lot of natural hot springs in Japan.

It might be one of the reasons that Japanese really love the hot springs. So it would be the chances to enjoy the Japanese hot springs. I need to recommend you to make a chance to visit a hot spring in Japan.

Please refer the page that has the information about hot springs.

Hot Spring
We can find a lot of Hot Springs called Onsen in Japan. And there are also some Ryokan that are Japanese-style Inn with the unique atmosphere around the Hot Springs. We can also check out the good effects for our health, items, manners and major hot springs in Japan.

Japanese Castle

There're a lot of Japanese castles that were built before the Edo period in Japan, and now they hold their shape as museums and/or tourist attractions. And the castle's huge sites that are surrounded by some moats are used of a park or Japanese garden.

A lot of Japanese castles have pulled down or burned up in a fire since the Mage period, and then there're few castles hold their perfect shapes from old time. But also some of them have held their castle tower since the Edo period.

The below page is written about such Japanese castles and it would help you to search the information about big and famous or traditional Japanese castles in Japan.

Japanese Castle
This page shows some ideas how Japanese castles were designed on to defend from enemies and kinds of Japanese castles. At last, we can check out the famous Japanese castles, so this page would also help you to visit in nice Japanese castles.


Japan is surrounded by the sea, and then there are more than one hundred aquariums in Japan. And it makes Japan be the biggest country about the aquarium in the world.

I wasn't interested in any aquariums, when I was a child. But now, I enjoy it so much. I think that there are some reasons, Japanese aquarium changed to be big and beautiful. Some of Japanese aquariums provide some chances to watch the so unique fishes, which are whale sharks, tuna and manta and so on. I can make a promise with you that the aquariums make you be joyful.

Theme Park

A lot of theme parks are established in Japan, for example Disneyland, universal studio in Japan. And there are many kinds of theme parks, which are some international theme park such as Disneyland, other country's cultural theme parks such as Huis Ten Bosch, the movie Studio parks showing the ancient Japanese towns and so on.

Zoo, Botanical Garden

If you stay in big city, it's very easy to go some zoos or botanical gardens. The expenses are cheaper than general theme parks. So I would like to recommend to go there weekend.