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Japanese Castle

Japanese castles are so unique in the structure and the idea of the defenses. So I would like to briefly write the information about Japanese castle that it's difference from other county's one. And now, most of Japanese castles are tourist attractions and we can go into the inside of the castles and walk around the Japanese gardens in Japanese castles. I listed the famous Japanese castles at the end of this page. So it would be interesting experience for you that you visit one of the famous castles in Japan.

How were Japanese castles defended against the attack from their enemies? Japanese castles were built with some unique ideas that are bit different from other country's ones.
We can sort Japanese castles into three groups according to their locations. This page is written about the groups easily.
Famous Castles
There are a lot of castles in Japan, but which castles are major? So, this page lists the majors with map.