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Hot Spring in Japan

Onsen is Japanese word describing Hot Springs, and hot water gush out from the grand with several kinds of minerals. So when you take an Onsen, you would take several good effects. There are more than three thousand Onsen in Japan and a lot of Japanese love taking it.

There are a lot of reasons that Onsen is loved by Japanese aren't only comfortable, but also a lot of Samurais went for a hot-spring cure at the middle ages and some famous ancient literatures had the information about it.

On this page, I would like to write about Onsen (Hot-Spring), please check it out.

The kinds of Onsen and the Effects
Do you know? Onsen contain several kinds of minerals, which are good for our body, under the ground and the effects depend on the minerals. So we can check out the kinds and effect on this page. If you have any problems on you body, please look over!
Items to go Onsen with
This page shows the items to bring to Onsen. Please check once before your traveling.
How to take Onsen
Onsen would impose a burden on your body, if you take Onsen long time. So there’re some ways to take Onsen in Japan and they are described on this pages.
Manners at Onsen
Onsen are public spaces to enjoy. So we are required to have good manners to enjoy Onsen with other people.
Famous Onsen
There are a lot of Onsen everywhere in Japan, and some of them are very famous and written on this page. Please check majors on this page.