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Items to go Onsen with

What items should we bring to go Onsen with? Japanese usually bring below items.

Small Towel
This is the most important item, and used to wash and hide our body and wipe away the water after.
We need to wash our body with our soap before taking the hot-springs.
Shampoo and Rinse
We need to wash our head with our shampoo and rinse before taking the hot-springs.
Big Towel (Bath Towel)
We use it at a dressing room. If you want to wipe away again after using your small towel at the bathroom of Onsen, especially if you have long hair, it's better to bring the big towel.

But at some Onsen attached with Ryokan, which is Japanese inn, we might borrow them.

And the most important item is the small towel in all of the items. We use it to wash our body before taking Onsen, to wipe away our water after taking Onsen, and more than anything else it would hide our important part of our body.