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How to take Onsen

At this part, I would like to write the way to take Onsen. Please read the below with the information of manners taking Onsen that I wrote next.

  1. After arrive at Onsen, it's important to take a rest for one hour except something to eat and drink. Especially some alcohol is so dangerous.
  2. At dressing room. We are required to take off our every clothes and put our clothes into the locker. If the locker has any keys, we have to bring the key to Onsen.
  3. And then we just bring our shampoo and rinse and soap and small towel to Onsen from the dressing room. The time, it's better to hide our body by the small towels.
  4. At first, wash our head and body. If there are some showers, we can use it. But if there are no showers, we need to use a pail to wash our body with the hot water of the spring.
  5. Before taking an Onsen, we need to pour the hot water over our body. It's very important to accustom our body temperature to the hot spring's one and it also cleans our body. We call it "Kake-Yu". At beginning, we could pour on from our foots to our body. It would be enough warming up to pour from ten times to twenty times. Please don't forget our head especially winter season and/or really hot spring.
  6. After pouring, we could take the Onsen slowly without our towel. At that time, Hanshin-Yoku is the best way. Hanshin-Yoku is one of the reasonable ways to have a bath and we just bathe the half part of our body in the bath. It's necessary for somebody who has some problem on his/her heart or lungs.
  7. After taking Onsen, we would be required to wipe away our water on our body with our small towel. After Finished dripping, we can go the dressing room.
  8. Don't forget to drink something after putting on our clothes. It's good for our body.