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Manners at Onsen

I would like to write the bad manners on the below list to take an Onsen. Please read it and enjoy with everybody.

  • Taking an Onsen with our clothes included our underwear.
  • Taking an Onsen with our towel. (But some of open-air bath allow to do)
  • Put our towel into the bathtub.
  • Walking around the dressing room before wipe away the water.
  • Taking an Onsen before washing the body.
  • Taking an Onsen after drinking the alcohol. (it makes the anemia of the brain and arhythmia)
  • Swimming in an Onsen.

And, if you have any tattoo on your body, you can't take General Japanese Onsen.

Why is it a problem putting our towels into Onsen?

Because, We take Onsen after washing our body with the towels. So the towels would contain any dirt of our body and little soap, even if we wash it carefully.