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Famous Castles in Japan

I would like to list the famous Japanese castles below. I also added Japanese map, so please check the locations with the information.

At first I have to write about Himeji castle for the best castle. The castle was registered in World Heritage in December 11th, 1933 and the Tenshu is also Japanese national treasure. Maybe I need to write about Tenshu that is the most important building that they used it as an observation platform and head office in the castle at the war. And there are four castles that have their national treasure Tenshu, which are Matsumoto castle in Nagano, Hikone castle in Shiga, Inuyama castle in Aichi and Himeji castle.

In additionally, Himeji castle is included the most famous three castles in Japan. The others are Kumamoto castle and Nagoya castle.

Please check their locations.