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Kinds of Japanese castles

What kinds of Japanese castles are there in Japan? It usually bases on the geographical features where the castle locates. And then we can select from three kinds, which are Yama-Jiro, Hira-Yama-Jiro and Hira-Jiro. And I wrote the differences between the three kinds at below.


The Yama-Jiro were built on the mountain that is higher than 200 meter. The famous Yama-Jiro are Kasugayama castle, Yoshidakoriyama castle and Gifu castle.


The Hira-Yama-Jiro were built on the small hills. The famous Hira-Yama-Jiro are Himeji castle, Hikone castle and Iyo-Matsumoto castle.


The Hira-Jiro were built on the level ground. The famous castles are Nagoya castle, Osaka castle.

From historical eyes, the style of castle had changed from Yama-Jiro to Hira-Jiro, in other words from the top of the mountain to level grand. The castles on the level grand would be more convenience than ones on the mountain in moving and managing.