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Visa in Japan

This home page has information about some visa applications, which are "Temporary Visitor's Visa" and "General Visa" and "Working Holiday Visa", "Working Visa". The kind of Visas should depend on the purpose of your visit. But if you have a right, I recommend for you to try a Working Holiday Visa that gives you working right and studying right in Japan.

I hope that you live through great experience in Japan.

Temporary Visitor's Visa
We can entry into Japan easily if our purpose is a short term staying in Japan except business.
Working Holiday Visa
We can stay in Japan in long term, and we can also work by the Working Holiday Visa. So it lets us enjoy Japanese daily life and Japanese cultures in traveling and working.
General Visa
General Visa is issued to people whose purpose is studying in Japan.
Working Visa
The Visa gives us the permission to work in Japan for three or one years.
How to apply for a General Visa, Working Visa
This page describes how to apply General visa and Working Visa and entry into Japan. Please look it over when you apply your visa.