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General Visa

If your purposes of visit Japan is for studying in Japan as a student studying in a Japanese college or precollege or your trainee, the time Japanese government would issue General Visa to you. Japanese government allows you to stay for one year or two years for studying in a Japanese university or college. However, if you want to enter a Japanese high school or a Japanese language school, the government would accept you to study for 6 months or one year.

And when you try to submit your application of general visa, your school acceptance form will be required. So, it's very important that you decide your school before visit Japan. And the time, you would be required to confirm enough balance to live in Japan.

The below website will help you to get some school information.

Study Abroad in Japan

The detail of procedure is shown at below page.

How to apply for a General Visa, Working Visa
This page describes how to apply General visa and Working Visa and entry into Japan. Please look it over when you apply your visa.